Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry

About Ricardo Basta

As a third generation jeweler, jewelry isn’t just a way of life for Ricardo Basta and his family—it’s a passion. 


Growing up, Ricardo always felt the pull of precious gems and stones. He had the family history—his grandfather owned a jewelry store—and a family teacher. European master jewelers from Europe flocked to Ricardo’s home country of Argentina, and found a willing apprentice in his uncle. When his uncle left for the United States, Ricardo followed, eager for his turn to learn the craft. 


Today, at his own atelier of luxurious fine jewelry, Ricardo utilizes old world techniques passed down by way of those European masters. From design, to the handcrafting of precious stones and cutting diamonds, to precisely setting gems, attention to detail is of the highest priority.


Ricardo works with an extensive collection of precious gems, and is often inspired by them to create his jewelry, from Art Deco necklaces to a menagerie of animal brooches. Because he seeks out rare materials and finishes his jewelry from every angle—including the back—it can take years to complete one piece. And that is the beauty of owning a Ricardo Basta original.