Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry


“Most amazing experience! I came in to design the perfect engagement ring for my now wife, and it came out better than I could have imagined. From the moment I got there, so much time and energy was invested in understanding what I was looking for in a design. We started comparing my ideas with the wonderful examples they already had in the store. I was explained all the different terminology and styles, making it extremely easy to communicate my ideas. Step by step I was able to come in throughout the process and fine-tune the ring from the styling and shape of ring itself, to the stone, and the engraving. They were very patient and helpful with my decision making throughout the process. They made designing the ring effortless. Even after the engagement, I was able to go back and again custom design a necklace to match the ring for the wedding day! And they did an amazing job again, as expected of course! Not only was it interesting and fun designing the ring, but it was impressive to see all the award winning jewelry on display. Thank you so much Basta family! You all are amazing and gave me an experience and ring and necklace that I could not have had without you!”

– Edward B., Calabasas, CA


“My wife and I had been looking for a ring that was unique and timeless, yet contemporary. We nearly gave up after visiting several jewelers in Los Angeles and New York. All of that changed after meeting Ricardo Basta and his wife Karen. We found a ring that is amazing in design and quality–magnificently crafted. We have traveled the world and have never seen jewelry as outstanding as Ricardo’s He is an artist with a passion for both design and making his customers happy.”

– M G., Santa Barbara, CA


“Gorgeous, delicate and simple! Found the perfect bracelet thanks to the great customer service here. Happy customer, will definitely return!”

– Amanda H., Santa Barbara, CA