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Transcript for the “Award Winning Designs” page

This is the transcript for the video found on the “Award Winning Designs” page.


Ricardo Basta: I created over 65 award-winning pieces. Some AGTA, MJSA, and JA which are the most prestigious award competitions in the world. The first creation that won a Spectrum award was in 1993. And that particular award was special to me because it opened the door for all the rest of the entries and awards I would receive.


People ask me very often which one of my awards I’m the most proud of. I’m proud of every single one of them. And all for different reasons. Some because of design, some because of technical difficulties, some because of different mechanisms I engineer in order to bring this creation to life.


Getting recognized from all these different award competitions is the greatest thing that I’ve ever achieved. The only problem is that every year after I get awarded something for any piece that I have made, then I get all nervous because I have to figure out what I’m going to make for next year to outdo myself in the award competition.


To win an award, first you’ve got to put a lot of thought into the designs. You’ve got to pick the
right stones, you’ve got to pick the right design, your execution has to be flawless. It takes a lot of preparation and work and willpower in order to get the piece right.


I try to achieve the right balance between the stones and the metal. The workmanship has to be well-balanced. You can’t have one thing overpower the other. Because if you put the piece that is too big, then it becomes too gaudy.


When I design a piece for an award competition, I try to do something new, something that I haven’t done before, something that challenges my abilities. I try to be better than the last award that I have created.